I'm all yours, working with you on an ongoing basis to build your business, grow your brand and help you create the life you want. Think of me as a partner that's not only helping you to achieve your business goals but helping you stay motivated and inspired, manage stress, increase your network and beyond. 


Includes up to 8 hours per month of the following: 

  • Crafting your brand story (getting clear on your Who, What, Why, the Single Most Important Thing about your business or offering and your Purpose Statement)
  • Consulting on business challenges and serving as an all around sounding board 
  • Assisting with website copywriting and visual refinement
  • Marketing idea generation
  • Drafting, crafting and reviewing press releases and other communication activations
  • Providing guidance on digital and social strategies and content
  • Evaluating collaboration opportunities
  • Negotiating partnership contracts and compensation 
  • Connecting you with my network of high caliber business building professionals offering legal advice, financial services etc.
  • Provide general life advice, guidance and time-tested tools as needed for living a thriving, happy, all around “successful” life as an entrepreneur 

3 month // 6 month // 12 month sessions