We’re about understanding people (all people) and how to serve them authentically.

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For every project, we carefully curate our teams to reflect the audiences we’re trying to reach.

By reflecting the world we live in we see what others don’t — we uncover new markets, new products, and new messaging opportunities.

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We infuse sociology, psychology, science, technology and art into all we do, partnering with experts and employing specialized techniques for insight mining, and consumer research.

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We are location agnostic,
with a bi-Coastal pedigree
and Midwestern empathy.

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A leader
of leaders

Neon Butterfly’s founder, Abby Allen, is a purpose-driven creative revolutionizing the impact of media on society. She wants to change the limiting beliefs we have about ourselves and others and build brands in the process.

She's a creative futurist who identifies opportunities and solves business challenges through her innate understanding of people and why they do what they do. Abby is a native New Yorker and Columbia University grad with over 20 years of experience in communications and marketing.

Unlike the majority of senior ad executives, as a biracial woman, Abby has the rare personal connection to being underrepresented in media, at school, in the office, and so on. Living “outside the boxes” has given her unique insight into people’s behaviors and motivations, and a passion for inclusive storytelling, and driving narrative change. Since Neon Butterfly is about understanding ALL people, Abby even stepped outside the coastal bubbles and moved from L.A. to Cincinnati in 2019 to spend time learning about life in the Midwest, including working on one of the top Congressional campaigns in the country.