Gillette Skinguard logo

The Ask

Design packaging concepts for the Gillette SkinGuard razor that would outperform the existing in-market communication, driving relevancy with both white men with sensitive skin and Black men who didn’t see Gillette as a brand “for them.”

Our Solution

Through visuals and language, show Black men that Gillette was a brand that understood them while also communicating the product benefits in a way that would appeal to ALL men with sensitive skin.

Images of Gillette Skinguard boxes designs
Gif animation of male smiling fist bumping a Gillette razor

We developed over two dozen designs for quantitative testing to ensure we'd find the winning combination of messaging and visuals.

Impact & Results

Proved that a packaging concept designed for and featuring a Black man could drive purchase intent and interest for BOTH Black and white men

Hand drawn arrow pointing right

Which led to the first person, of any ethnicity, to be featured on a Gillette razor package